6 Days Left to Support our Kcon Teen Top and Angel Project

Hi lovely Angels…we now have 5 DAYS left to reach our goal for Kcon!!

Please check the link out and if you are unable to donate, it is 100% okay, but please share the link anywhere you see fit and tell all your Angel friends!

To those that donated, a huge hug from the AU team, thank you!!

Also, our planning is really coming together, a lot of our merchandise and fun giveaways have already been ordered, some have already arrived! Expect an update sometime today detailing all of that and more!

sammisakura asked: Are you still selling the t shirt for Kcon?

We have a limited amount to sell at Kcon, but yes we will have some!  Watch for our updates of our schedule of events soon!

KCon 2014 Teen Top Support



Angel United is so excited for our upcoming booth at Kcon! To have Teen Top come to the US again in the same year is just asdfghkjlh!  As we work hard for the boys and for our fellow Angels, we ask for your help!

Please help our project.  We can not do this without the support of Teen Top’s amazing Angels.  We look forward to meeting many of you at Kcon! 

For a direct link to our donation page, click here.

                                    THANK YOU!!!!!

8 days left! Time is going fast! Thank you for all the donations so far. Continue to help until the end!



Attn Lovely Angels!

Two Angels, Saralynn and Cassidy are doing a project for Teen Top for KCON 2014. This project was approved by Angel United and pending approval from Top Media. Please help them if you can! ^^

  • Here is their project:

Hello! We are planning to make a large ‘squash book’…

Angel United Kcon Booth Goods Sneak Peak→


If you haven’t seen yet on Twitter or Facebook, take a look at a preview of one of our chibi buttons:

Omergawd right?! This is just the beginning of the great stuff that we will have for our Angel friends! These will be for purchase at our booth at Kcon.

If you haven’t donated yet,…

bakabyunnie asked: Hello ! I was at Kcon last year but I was totally confused! I was wondering if we had to preorder for the Halos ~~ ??? They were super cute last year I would really like one !!

Hi! As of now the halos will be sold at our booth only. No pre orders. If that changes we will notify our followers! Thanks for your question!

foreverluvinkpop asked: I don't remember if I asked u this but what else will you be selling/give away other then the shirts? :O

We for sure have chibi buttons, halos like the ones at the last Kcon, and the t-shirts. The other fan goods are still depending on the amount of donations we get. We will have some games Sat and Sun with official and unofficial Teen Top items such as signed CDs and posters as prizes. As we get more donations, we can confirm more items. Please participate if you can! Hopefully we will have enough items to sell Sat and Sun but it is not a guarantee. Hope that helps! We look forward to meeting you at our booth! ^^

Angel United Kcon Booth Goods Sneak Peak

If you haven’t seen yet on Twitter or Facebook, take a look at a preview of one of our chibi buttons:

Omergawd right?!  This is just the beginning of the great stuff that we will have for our Angel friends!  These will be for purchase at our booth at Kcon.

If you haven’t donated yet, please do so now.  We can’t have all this amazingness without your support! Here is the link.

Questions?  You can get them answered fast on our ASK.FM.  Many questions have already been asked so please take a look! ^^

REALLY REALLY thank you soooo much for the donations so far.  Angels and Teen Top mean so much to us!


KCON Travel Guide: Local Korean Cafes


In a few weeks, dearest reader, you may find yourself in Los Angeles, alone, wandering the streets, schlepping to the nearest Mobil station which promises coffee. But those, my friend, are false promises. We, at KCON, want to save you from the inevitable onslaught of “Hawaiian Dark Roast” and “Chocolate Brownie Lattes.”

Of course, KCON is the main attraction, but what about the place where you can get a taste of Korean “café culture?” Koreatown. Of course there are some K-town quirks that could disorient any visitor.

1) Many coffee journeys begin in the early morning hours, but most K-Town cafes don’t open until 11 am (with the exception of Caffebene and Tom N Toms). Why? Because Korean café culture is much more about socializing and enjoying the ambience (which is usually swanky) than just the cup of coffee itself. So, many cafes open late and close late.

2) Since there is so much tasty, interesting food scattered around K-Town, I wouldn’t recommend eating a meal at a café. Of course, the cakes and waffles are always a good bet, but, try not to be drawn into the promise of cheap 불고기 (bulgogi). 

3) Expect to pay a little more if venturing into a trendy, non-chain café. Usually, all drinks (even hot tea) are around $6. Paying for ambiance seems a little crazy, but worthwhile on a short KCON-cation.

Today, let’s talk about cafes where you can get your caffeine fix, have a long chat with friends, experience a traditional tea house, or even study all night.



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If you are attending KCON, you NEED one of these shirts!

  • Please fill out the form here.  All instructions are on the form.  Unfortunately we will not be able to ship any orders, so please understand you need to be at KCON to pick up your shirt.
  • Also please donate to our project.  Let’s make KCON 2014 one to remember!  ^^  Click here for our donation page.

*Front of shirt preview

*Back of shirt preview