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Angel United
Apr 20th

Deadline to email if you did not get your concert cheer bag

Deadline to email us at contact@angel-united.us to receive your cheer bag is April 25th.  If you donated $15 or more to our Teen Top High Kick World Tour US project and did not receive your cheer bag at any of the concerts, please email us with your name and address so we can send it to you!  Thanks again!

Apr 20th | 2
Anonymous: Is there any fansite and/or fanmasters that we could help with donations for the Sewol support since we're overseas?

Thanks for your question!  We will be having a meeting this Sat and will post info about it soon!

Apr 16th | 2

Angel United Announcement

Update Angels! As we are piecing together our fan accounts, we would like to make an announcement! Angel United has extended our boundaries to include Canada! Please welcome our new Canada extension admin and Secretary, Yara!! Our fanbase account will be including Yara’s Canada account as well, so please look forward to it! 

Apr 16th | 1
Anonymous: just a question, where did you get the "Your luv + my luv= supa luv" sign? like where did you get it made and stuff?

We had the fans made through an online site.  This one to be exact!!


Thanks for your question!

Apr 13th | 1

Any Angel that donated $15 to our project and did not receive their cheer bag please email contact@angel-united.us with your name and an address to send it to!

We apologize for any fan not receiving their cheer bag at their concert. We are making every effort to have your bag sent. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Apr 13th
Anonymous: What were the surprise events at the LA and San Jose concert? Like what did the paper say and when did they hold them up. Thank you!

We will have a full account of our fan service and events soon! Stay tuned!

Apr 13th | 2

Angels who did not receive their purple cheer bag at any of the three US Teen Top Concerts

If you donated $15 and did not receive your purple cheer bag during any of the three US Teen Top Concerts, please message us ASAP! Thank you.

Apr 6th | 2
Apr 5th | 130




A OURSUPALUV & 6TOTSubs subbing collaboration!

What does this mean?

This means that OURSUPALUV will be teaming up with 6TOTSubs to provide fast and quality subbed videos of Teen Top for you guys!

When will this collaboration commence?

The subbing team will officially…

Apr 2nd | 10


Angel United would not exist without you!  Thank you so much for your participation in our projects.  The success of our fan base and our projects could not happen without your efforts!!  <3

Please stay tuned for updates about how our projects went!