TEEN TOP(틴탑)_Missing(쉽지않아) MV

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TEEN TOP(틴탑)_Missing(쉽지않아) MV:

140911 TEEN TOP - Love is…(지독하다) @ Comeback Stage

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틴탑(TeenTop) 쉽지않아(Missing) 멀티캠

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첫방 대기실 속 틴탑 ‘쉽지않아’ 까딱까딱

Teen Top in the waiting room for their first broadcast, ‘Missing’ go go #TEENTOP #TeenTop #EXITO #It’sNotEasy #Missing

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If you haven’t watched the Eng Sub by [6TOTSubs] and oursupaluv, here is a link of every episode so far! Enjoy!

Ep 1 

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Part 1,

Updated with episode 6!

Anonymous asked: I tried setting up a daum account again multiple times and faster but its still giving me the same message :(

I am sorry you are having problems.  Since my Korean is limited, let me suggest oursupaluv or fyteensontop or fyeahljoe.  These fansites have more knowledge with the Korean language and will be more helpful.  Hope you can figure it out soon! ^^

Angel United Kcon 2014 Wrap Up

Angel United Kcon 2014 Account

Teen Top 3 times in one year…. Any Angel that had been waiting for their bias band to come to the US and Canada and to have them come 3 times…. And Angel United was there the whole way.

After re-reading the Kcon 2013 and High Kick Concert Tour accounts, I am filled with too much feels right now while writing this wrap up.  To see Teen Top this many times and for our fan base Angel United to start from a small group of Angels with an idea to support the boys and see it become a recognized United States and Canada fan base with so much support from fellow Angels, is awe inspiring.  Thank you to all the admins that put so much time and effort into our booth at Kcon, thank you to all the wonderful Angels that supported our booth and came to see us Kcon weekend, and thank you Teen Top for believing in their International Angels enough to come and visit us!  

Now on to the account!

After receiving an email from Kcon if we were going to have a booth again, Angel United wasn’t sure as we had exhausted ourselves just 4 months earlier putting on a fan and Teen Top support like no other for their High Kick in the US and Canada Tour.  For a recap on that see hereWe thought maybe we could take a break this time because Teen Top wouldn’t come to the United States again.  They still had the rest of their High Kick Tour and other events going on.  And Teen Top in the US again after only 4 months?  Not possible. Right? Wrong, haha.  The ambition of these 6 boys (well maybe TM ambition) is amazing.  It was a little of a scramble getting organized as we were under a transition of admins.  Setting up donations, putting out applications for new admins, creating events and games for our booth, getting ideas for fan goods to sell at our booth and gifts to the boys; we pulled it all off again!  Angels are amazing, we can say it again and again, but Angels are amazing!

Admin Nao arrived to LA on Thurs, so Admin Rebecca brought up all the fan goods to her hotel to be ready for setting up Fri.  Admin Robin came to LA on Fri and Admins Nao and Robin got the booth ready for Sat!


Our booth got started a little late due to admins meeting the boys at the airport on Sat.  Angels behaved fabulously and welcomed them with open arms.  Here is a pic of our banner:


We started selling fan goods around 1:00 PM.  What did we sell?


We also gave some stuff away!


We had games and events too.


This game was a lot of fun!  You had to pick a member, then pick a hair style and which era.  The winner got some candy!  

And for every $5 spent at our booth, Angels were given a raffle ticket to win a signed Teen Top Class CD!

We closed up shop Sat around 5:00 and got ready for the concert.  Teen Top was on fire!  Their performances were speechless and doing a 6 member Rockstar was…. Wow….. With the stage in a circle and fans all around them they did well engaging the entire arena.  These boys enthusiasm is what keeps us coming back for more, and supporting them always. 

Sun was a day of fun!  Admin interviews, dancing, singing, meeting new Angels, re-uniting with Angels and former admins…. we shed a tear when we had to shut the booth down for good on Sunday night before the last concert.  


We would like to thank the Angels that volunteered at our booth. We would like to thank all the donations we received for our fan support. We would also like to thank admin Kat for her amazing art skills and drawing the chibis for the buttons, our other admin Kat for her translating skills, admin Robin, Rebecca, and Nao for their time and efforts in running the booth, and admin H for keeping us organized. And we would like to thank admin Nao, Iseuli and Trish from OSL for helping us communicate with Top Media in Korea.  We are the best team.  We couldn’t do this without each others help and the help of Angels!

Unfortunately we were not able to have gifts available for the boys.  Top Media and Kcon were very firm about this.  Taking gifts with them on their High Kick to South America was going to be too burdensome for them.  However do not lose hope!  Former admin Bea gave Ricky a set of our chibi buttons at the airport upon leaving and she will be in Korea soon where she will personally deliver the squash book made by you Angels!


A lot of effort, time, love, sweat, and money went into our booth, fan goods, events, and putting our feelings into words to make this account.  Thank you to all Angels, promoters, donators, sponsors, and especially our admins.  Without everyone’s cooperation and help, none of this would have taken place.  Please look forward to our future projects and ideas we have in store for our fellow Angels!!

~Admin Rebecca, Editor

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[NOTICE] 2014.09.02 TOP Media: TEEN TOP “ÉXITO” Showcase invitation event & album preorder information→


English translation: @oursupaluv
source: http://www.teentop.co.kr/teentop/4th_mini_notice_read.asp?v_page=1&v_SeqNo=361

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Hello. This is TOP Media

This is the announcement regarding TEEN TOP “ÉXITO” Showcase event and album preorder which begins today,…